Mabibi Trip Preperations

So in approximately 2 weeks a few mates and myself are off to Mabibi to explore that part of the coastline a bit more. After my last visit I was left wanting more, especially after the action I had seen there.

Mabibi Satelite View

As you can see from this google maps screenshot there is lots of scattered reef and a fairly protected bay for days that the Southernly picks up. The bay area fills up nicely with water and fish on a spring high tide. Which is exactly the kind of tides I booked the trip around! High tides will rotate around sun rise and sun set thus leaving us with enough low light time to fish deeper waters. Lets hope this works!

To date we have finalised the camping & travel arrangement. The only thing left to do in preparation is tie tie tie… and as you can see there are quite a few new patterns I have added to the arsenal and a few more yet to be added. I must admit with all the buzz on Crab flies, I have committed one flybox just to some of them. Hoping to spend some time getting my first fish on a crab 🙂

Clawed EP Crab

Natural Brush Fly on 4/0 SL12S

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