Interesting Natal Yellowfish Behaviour

Last weekend I was off to my favorite Yellowfish venue here in Natal with a few mates. The fishing was great and the visibility much better than the usual time I visit which is at the end of April. The fish were also much bigger but but we had far less strikes per day than in April. It almost seems that the younger fish were not really around, this leads to my next discovery.

In April I landed a nice 3lb Yellow that must have escaped the Otters that calls the river their home. It had scales torn and his left eye was damaged which I why I remember the fish so clearly. Now 5 months later and past the winter season, the same fish was landed at the exact same place!!! And the story is that these fish move down range in winter, but how is that possible given that this fish was caught is the first run upstream from a 4m waterfall 5 months apart. There has been no rain to facilitate a side stream around the waterfall all winter. So the fact is this fish has stayed in the exact same place throughout winter! Maybe only the younger fish make the journey down stream?

Here is some photo evidence…

30_May_2013_Mr One Eye

21_Sep_2013_Mr One Eye

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