The team from alphonsefilm needs your help!

So I was checking out the awesome trailers of the upcoming 7 Degrees South Film that was shot on Alphonse & St Francois atolls and was shocked to find out the production team intends releasing the film free on the internet come October 1st! DVDs will be available with some extra footage, but this is probably going to be one of the best freebie movies the internet has ever seen!

Here is a synopsis of the 7 Degrees South film from their site ( for some background:

“Five world class fly fishing guides take the audience on a four week journey fishing the Alphonse and St. Francois atolls of the Seychelles for various species of saltwater fish, both on the flats and in the bluewater. A fly fishing epic with no shortage of drama and charm.

A diverse range of personality is on show from the hardcore Keith Rose-Innes who battles the mighty GT like no one on this planet! Devan van der Merwe is the charismatic and outrageous star of the film, and he puts on a great comedy show for all involved. Serge Samson is the serious, stealthy and cunning master of the flats who fools fish with undeniable skill. Andrew Mayo draws upon finesse and cunning in his approach to the tricky flats species. Last, but not least of all, the Milkman, Wayne Haselau, is a delightful and fatherly figure who brings great charisma to the story.

The entire experience is entwined within an environment that is on one hand both incredibly beautiful and awesome, and on the other hand extremely harsh and unforgiving.”

Now getting it for free is great! But the team is looking at raising funds for their future two projects and needs some help getting to their $20 000.00 target, the added bonus of contributing is that you can choose how much and what added benefits you get with that raging from DVDs, fly lines, complete fly kits & being included in the credits of the films. Sounds sweet!

Here is a link to their page out lining the perks and some more background on their current and future plans, note that contributions close on 23 September 2013. So hurry up!

And here is a sample from the current DVD out for release come October, now how can you tell me these guys don’t deserve some of your cash for more of these films? 🙂

Short section from the GT chapter in the full film from alphonsefilm on Vimeo.

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