Mabibi – Lone Ranger Trip

Me: “Hey Man, you keen to fish Mabibi?” Mate: “Hell yeah! let me just ask for leave…” a day later I get a call “F%ck, he didn’t approve my leave!”. Extract from conversations I had with my mate.

Well guess who is going on a lone ranger/fish bum style trip to Mabibi? Me, Myself & I 

Mabibi is approximately 30km north of Sodwana Bay and around 80km south of Kosi Bay and only accessible by 4×4. There is a Lodge that caters for the Rich and 10 campsites for guys more like me. No shops, no electricity, minimal if any cellphone reception, just fishing! Plus I will most probably have the beach all to myself to fish… bliss

Hulley Point
Looking South towards Hulley Point

So after receiving confirmation of my own leave. I made a few purchases today 🙂 but being a man restricted to a budget and to what equipment is locally available. I settled on a Xplorer Classic II 9ft 12wt Rod, paired with a 600g RIO Leviathan (needs some trimming of the head) and well something I did not spare on… Costa Del Mar – Zane with a Blue Mirror 580P lens! The only thing I had the time to test are the Costa’s on the 2hour drive home from Durban, man-o-man they are great!

Next steps:
  1. Gather my old man’s camping equipment and see what I might need to buy additional.
  2. Setup a menu and list everything I need (hard cause I am restricted to a cooler box only for 4 nights)
  3. Tie flies… lots of them!!!

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