Some Tilapia action for the TFO 6wt

Last week I completed my TFO 6wt rod build and to a great surprise it did not come out too bad! Obviously there are a few things that I need to work on during my next build (Epoxy!!) but it still came out better than most of my factory rods.

Long story short, I had to wait a week for the epoxy to cure fully before fishing my rod, what a wait! Today marked the 9th day after the last epoxy was cured, waited a little longer plus did not really get a gap to get onto the water. This morning I decided it was time, there is a small Bass dam close to my house (2km) that also hold some nice Tilapia! A few baby bass were caught to start the day off and then I got into Tilapia mode! Lost a few fish before I eventually landed this beauty…

View from the inlet side, the dam widens up around the corner on the right. But the Tilapia love this shallow vegetated area.

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