Who would not?

On a recent trip with some work colleagues to a well known venue on the KZN Coast, I happened upon a inland lake teaming with Barbel…

The venue, which will remain undisclosed, is situated on the coast and I only expected fishing for some Shad and hopefully some lost predatory fish. After a quick morning session in the surf with a few Shad landed and cleaned for the table we had a lunch at our accommodation. Whilst sitting outside admiring the forest I noticed the reflection of water in the distance. The night before we did hear Hippos, but never expected that there was water in such proximity.

A mate and I ventured through the forest to have a quick look at the lake. The we were greeted by Hippos basking in the sun across the lake and numerous species of bird life. What caught my attention was the fish rising everywhere! It had to be Barbel and they had to be caught!

After returning for my fly rod and a few extra minutes scouting the area for Hippo’s and Crocs just in case. I made a few casts with the only fly I thought a barbel may enjoy, a Sponge Bob, in my saltwater fly box. Here is what was¬†brought in 5 casts later…

DSCN2985 DSCN2988

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  1. conradbotes says:

    Well done!

  2. Interesting will give the fly a go here in Gauteng and the Free State

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