Smart’s Glass Minnow (Say good bye to Salty Buggers)

Its without doubt that the simple Salty Bugger has landed a fair share of saltwater species along our coast line over the years. I have never caught on to using Salty Buggers myself as I seem to have some problems fishing a fly that does not imitate anything, call me a snob 🙂

Back to the topic, I found a great minnow pattern designed by Casey Smart that resembles the profile of a Salty Bugger yet has more traits to imitate a minnow which bodes well in my book. I had the opportunity to try it out for the fist time today and this fly is a killer for the smaller predatory fish swimming around our coast. Just to day it helped me land a few Needle Scale Queenfish, few Green Spot King Fish plus a Gar Fish lost on the jump. All in a matter of a hour or two.

Try this fly our yourself next time you are fishing the salt and the fish don’t seem to react to larger patterns. Oh an did I mention its super easy to tie?!

Smart's Glass Minnow


Hook: Mustad 34007 #2 to #8

Thread: Clear Nylon Mono

Tail: White synthetic fibers (Supreme Hair, Super Hair, etc…)

Tail Flash: 2 Strands pearl Krystal Flash

Body: Pearl Ice Dub (from Hairline Dubbin)

Eyes: 3D Stick-on (Glued with Aleene’s Fabric Fusion)

Shading: Prismacolor permanent marker (60% grey)

Step by Step Video:

Original Post and Photos by Casey Smart, Originally posted here:

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