Ultimate Shrimp with a twist

So I tied up a few of Jon Makim’s Ultimate Shrimp patterns today, be it a bit smaller than the original that is on a 1/0 hook. A great fly that is easy to tie, durable and materials unlikely to wrap around the shank in windy conditions! It was originally developed for fishing clear flats waters, But I am sure there are enough trigger points to make it a successful pattern on the South African coastline with some tweaking.


Jon is a brilliant fly tier from Australia,currently working in Germany. Check out some of his work here (http://www.jonmakimflies.com/).

Wilts I was adding flash to some of the bodies before coating it with clear cure goo and came across my glow in the dark “flash”, not sure if you can call it that. It actually came to be a great colour to add to the body to give it some more internals. Plus the added bonus of being able to fish it in very low light conditions, I may have to experiment with what it actually looks like when it glows, as you can see it doesn’t really resemble anything in the photos below.

untitled-3-3 untitled-2-5

PS. I used a UV torch to charge the material in the 2nd photo.


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