Mini Senyo’s Baitfish (Step by Step)

Here is the step by step as I promised for this little baitfish pattern made completely from Senyo’s Laser Dubbing. You can modify this fly to suite which ever baitfish you are imitating. From baby bass, trout and all the way to small saltwater species. This fly has lots of movement for its size (4-5cm) and has already enticed a few species for me. Experiment and let me know how it performed.


Hook: De-barbed size 4 stainless hook to your preference
Thread: Danville’s 210 Denier to match, but you could use any.
Body: Tan Senyo’s Laser Dubbing with Brown back
Eyes: 6mm Rainbow Moon Eyes



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1 Response

  1. Scythe says:

    Hey Konrad,

    Only noticed this now … sort of forgot who you were on the forum and how I ended up at your site in the first place were I came across that fly (which happened to tickle my fancy because I was on a bit of a baitfish mission at the time)

    Cool SBS, really simple fly, definitely one to add to the arsenal in that kind of size.


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