Long Fiber Brush Maker by Jvice – Review

I have had the fortunate opportunity to purchase myself one of Jay Smit’ latest creations, the Long Fiber Brush Maker. Jay is well known around the country and the world for that matter for his Jvice that has been n big hit due to its functionality, quality and price. I got myself a Jvice less than a year ago and am still so impressed that I have not considered questioning the quality and functionality of Jay’s Brush Maker.

The Brush Maker’s has a very basic use, to make dubbing brushes but with long fibers mostly used for bigger streamer patterns. There are other products on the market that does the same, but not as elegantly as this well designed and fabricated. There are also cheaper options like the good old DIY brush makers seen around the internet, but then again finding parts and fabricating it yourself will most likely never look as good or function as well.

The Brush Maker has three parts. The base with consists of the collapsible plate that has some grid lines to aid in aligning and cutting materials. Then there is the rotary shaft with counter balance and spring to aid in spinning wire and allowing the right amount of tension to create the brush, this actually works wonderfully and I can’t see any need to automate the process with electric motors like some people do. Then the last part is the bobbin rest, this slot into the wood and is fixed in place by a cam cut into the rotary shaft. When all the parts are together it makes for a very solid piece of equipment, I have even lifted the entire Brush Maker by the bobbin rest and the cam locks everything down solid.

Using the Brush Maker is a breeze and Jay has posted a nice video on to YouTube showing exactly how to use it.

On closing my only gripe I have with the tool is the length of the brushes you can make being a bit short for my liking, but I am sure Jay could modify it for you should there be a request. But it’s not a big issue as you can spit out brushes in seconds using this tool.

This is a great tool and glad I have added it to my fly tying tool kit. Get one you won’t be disappointed!

For pricing or queries please contact Jay via his contact forms on his website at www.Jvice.com

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